You are allowed to be alive. You are allowed to be somebody different. You are allowed to not say goodbye to anybody or explain shit to anyone, ever.
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when rappers say fuck broke niggas that’s broke nigga shaming and me and my fellow brokeys are very offended

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dudes will call you a ho if you go to church or if you’ve never seen the inside of a cathedral

dudes will call you a ho for fucking one person, one hundred people, or for not having sex with them at all

my point is that if you’re gonna be called a ho regardless, at least do yourself a favor and be the ho that YOU wanna be

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please understand that casual sex is NOT for everyone

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“Shit just takes time, and creative people make time.”

Jason Kottke on the truest description of the creative process ever written. (via creativesomething)

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i dont say “no” to drugs

i say “no thank you” because i wasnt raised in a fucking barn like some of you hoodlums 


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